Over 17 Awards to be won

Entries* can be submitted by brand owners or their licensed distributors in the Middle East

* products introduced to the Middle East market only after SEP 1, 2016 are eligible

Spectacle Frames

Best New Spectacle Frame (Luxury) VXVP-01

Individual models (Retail price > AED 4000)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Designer) VXVP-02

Individual models (Retail Price AED 1500 to AED 3999)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Niche) VXVP-03

   Individual models (Retail Price > AED 1500 AED)

Best New Spectacle Frame (Popular) VXVP-04

Individual models (Retail price < AED 1499)


Best New Sunglass Model (Luxury) VXVP-05

Individual models (Retail price AED 4000)

Best New Sunglass Model (Designer) VXVP-06

Individual models (Retail price AED 3999)

Best New Sunglass Model (Niche) VXVP-07

Individual models (Retail price > AED 1500 AED)

Best New Sunglass Model (Popular) VXVP-08

Individual models (Retail price < AED 1499)

Functional eyewear

Best New Sports Eyewear VXVP-09

Sports Eyewear

Best New Children's Eyewear VXVP-10

Children's Eyewear

Ophthalmic Lens

Most Popular Lens (Progressive)VXVP-11

Progressive Lens

Most Popular Lens (Best Value) VXVP-12

Lenses offering best value proposition* to opticians

Most Popular Lens Coating/Value Add VXVP-13

Value addition coatings or innovations

Contact Lens

Most Popular OphThalmic Contact LensVXVP-14

Powered Contact Lenses

Most Popular Coloured Contact LensVXVP-15

Coloured Contact Lenses

Instruments and Equipment

Best Value Enhancer (Retail) VXVP-16

All instruments and equipment used at retail stores

Best Value Enhancer (Lab) VXVP-17

All instruments and equipment used at ophthalmic labs

Special Award

Special Jury Award

Deserving initiative, product, service that may not have been covered above

Galleria AwardNEW

Voting by visitors at Vision-X 'Galleria' Podium

AED 500 per entry • There is no limit to the number of entries that can be made • All entries besides
'Equipment' are to be made alongwith a display sample and any marketing collateral highlighting its unique features,
where applicable • Submissions for 'Instruments & Equipment' category should have good quality images
of the product with relevant literature highlighting its key features

* Value proposition = Potential selling price : Dealer price